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Love Is Always the Answer

Love Is Always the Answer

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My Survival Through the Holocaust and Spiritual Journey with Mrs. Irina Tweedie

Our lives are an unexpected blend of many experiences, and most people live many lives within one. In Love is Always the Answer, Miriam Freedman begins by sharing her childhood experience of hiding for months in a basement during the Holocaust, then living in Israel during its early formation, and finally moving to London where she became a teacher of yoga and spiritual arts. There she met another, most profound teacher, a Russian woman named Mrs. Irina Tweedie, who had herself studied with a Sufi master in India. This specialized form of teaching was geared toward awakening love in one's heart.

This book chronicles the spiritual relationship between these two women as they reveal their knowledge and wisdom, analyze significant dreams, and share direct experiences of altered states. An inspiration, and a trustworthy guide to those on a spiritual path.

"Your remarkable autobiography is truly a life-affirming story of courage and resilience in the face of the tragedy of the Holocaust." Daniel Taub, Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St. James's

"The trajectory of Miriam's life - from its dark beginnings under the terrors of Nazi Europe, to the attainment of her heart's light and spirit's power in London under her spiritual teacher, Mrs. Irina Tweedie - demonstrates the true organic nature of the spiritual path... Love, indeed, is the beginning and the end of it, though there is no end..." Séza Magdalena Eccles, magazine and book publisher

"An autobiography of a Holocaust survivor who has found her own remarkable and alternative ways to deal with her emotions and trauma from the past. We can all learn something from this book." Aviva Trup, RGN, RMN, BSc Community Health, Service Manager, Holocaust Survivor Centre

"Love Is Always the Answer is a testimony of how one person can go beyond even the most challenging circumstances to realise the gift that God planted deep within our hearts." Ginger Gilmour, artist and writer

"You will read this book, and never again will you look at a human being and presume you know them." Judith Ashton, psychotherapist/body therapist, former student of Irina Tweedie

"I can still remember the day when Mrs. Irina Tweedie came to my father from London, England... She became one of his closest disciples, and spread his path throughout the entire Western world... Miriam, like Mrs. Tweedie, has devoted her life to this path. I am confident that this book will be of great benefit to all who read it." Ravindra Nath, eldest son of Mahatma Radha Mohan Laliji

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