An Introduction to Lemon Soul

Lemon Soul is a new publishing house from the team behind the multi-award winning EdTech company 2Simple.

Our focus is on books that have an important or positive message to share with the world. All of our books are published in support of amazing charities. Our first release is about the Kindertransport so we teamed up with Safe Passage who help child refugees find legal routes to sanctuary. Through the sale and promotion of our books we help to raise money and awareness for fantastic causes. 

We also want to put joy and passion back into publishing, to create an environment where authors feel valued whether their book sells one or one million copies. We consider all types of submissions so feel free to get in touch via

In loving memory of Jonny Zucker

Jonny Zucker was an inspirational teacher, fantastic author, loving father and the most wonderful friend. Tragically Jonny took his life in 2016. Jonny and our founder Nigel, talked about Lemon Soul many times and Jonny's vision was for a publishing house that was to be just awesome and fair and celebrate Jonny's love for books; particularly children's books. We try to have Jonny's essence in our decisions and are guided by his family. Jonny’s wife Fiona and son Jake are very much part of everything we do and we know that Jonny would love the concept of campaigns based books that have been a focus for us.